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Key Steps when buying a Villa The process for buying a Villa at LOTUS BEACH VILLAS entails the following key steps:


1)  Reservation of a land at LOTUS RESIDENCE. The buyer must select a land to purchase. Upon selecting a land, the Buyer and Seller shall sign the Offer to Purchase as contained in the Land Agreement and Building Agreement. The Owner shall furthermore also sign the Estate Management Agreement and mandatory Rental Program Agreement. 

2)  Proof of Financing The Buyer will be required to provide evidence of how he intends to finance the total consideration of the building contract price of the selected Villa within 30 (thirty) days (normal) of the signing of the Land Agreement and Building Agreement. 

3) Sale Agreement Once the Buyer’s offer has been accepted by the seller, provided proof of financing and paid the deposit, the Land Agreement and Building Agreement will be executed and handed over to the Transfer Attorneys for processing. 

4)  Progress Payments The Buyer will be required to effect progress payments as per the schedule set out in the Building Agreement. 

5)  Occupation of the VillaUpon practical completion of the villa, the Owner will be able to take occupancy of the Villa. 

6)  Completion of the Villa. Following practical completion, the Owner will have a period of 1 (One) month to report any defects to the Developer, who will in turn have 12 months from that time to rectify any defects. At the end of this period, full completion will be achieved and the Owner will make the final payment on the residence.

The prices in the table below refer to the cost of the plot of land.

Included Villa and Project Features

  • Metal Gate for Car Park
  • Outdoor Shower Near Pool Area
  • Tiled Swimming Pool
  • Hot Water System
  • Electrical Infrastructure embedded under the project road
  • Secured Estate
  • Management Office
  • Rental Program Available
  • Pets Allowed

Optional Villa Features

  •  Car Park Gate Automated System
  • Kitchen Fridge
  • Mosquito Nets
  • Dish-Washing Machine
  • Washing Machine
  • Furniture Package (Electronics, Furniture, Wardrobes,
    Kitchen Set, Linen Set, Towel Set, Curtains, House Decor Items)
  • Sand Filter with Manual Backwash
  • Potable Water Filter
  • LED Lighting
  • Kitchen Service Bar
    (Where Applicable & Prior to Construction)
  • Swimming Pool Jacuzzi Water Jets (Prior to Construction)

Lotus Beach Villas is offering a guaranteed rental return program with up-to 10-years return of 8% net on the villa price.

Rental Program Description

  • A yearly rental return of 8% net on total investment (villa price + furniture package)
  • It is a net return, thus the owner of the villa does not pay maintenance fees or in-villa fees
  • The first year of guaranteed return starts 90 days from registration
  • The owner of the villa can use the villa for 4 weeks each year

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